taught by Ola Agunbiade
Ola Agunbiade
Ola Agunbiade
CISSP, CAP, CASP, Security+, MS Cybersecurity Technology

Course Summary:

This cybersecurity course teaches you how to become an Information System Security Officer (ISSO) along with the skills needed: Risk management Framework (NIST 800-37), NIST 800-53, NIST 800-53A, Plans of Actions and Milestones (POA&M) management, security control assessment, and many more. This course also walks you through the RMF based on NIST 800-37. This puts you in a high demand position. Helps students who are planning to take the Certified Authorization Professional (CAP) certification. This course is non-refundable.

What you will get:

(1) Certificate of completion

(2) Ability to ask questions

(3) Monthly live Q/A session

(5) hours of training

(6) Hands on projects

(7) Practice quizzes to help enforce knowledge

(8) Resume template

(9) Downloadable documents 

(10) CAP Exam prep

Who is this training for?

  • People who want to get into the cybersecurity field
  • IT professionals who want to know about cybersecurity risk management, compliance, assessment and authorization
  • IT professionals who are seeking a role change
  • Information System Security Officers (ISSO) who want to improve on their skills
  • Anyone looking for a career change

What will you get out of this course?

  1. Targeted training from an experienced professional
  2. Risk Management Framework (RMF) training
  3. Information System Security Officer (ISSO) training
  4. Certified Authorization Professional (CAP) Certification Exam prep
  5. Cybersecurity Foundations training
  6. Access to certification practice questions
  7. Access to cybersecurity discussion group
  8. Job alerts
  9. Access to cybersecurity templates, documents, cheat cheats
  10. Job interview questions
  11. Resume prep
  12. How to optimize your LinkedIn page
  13. Step by step guide on how to get a cybersecurity job
  14. How to negotiate a better salary
  15. Tons of hours of training
  16. Certificate of completion

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I need to know how to use computers? At a minimum, you should have just basic computer skills (power on/off, surf the internet, know how to use Word, PowerPoint and Excel)

What type of positions can I get after taking the training? Information Systems Security Officer, Security Controls Assessor, IT Auditor, , Cybersecurity Specialist, Compliance Specialist, RMF Support,

How much can I make? Six figure salary

How long is the course? Learn at your pace.

Do I get a certification after the class? Yes. You get a certificate of completion

Are the certification fees added in the class? No. Students seeking to get certification such as Security +, CAP, etc., will need to do that externally (Prometric, Pearson View)

Is there programing or coding in this class? No programing or coding.

DO I need to be technical to take this class? No. This deals with cybersecurity policy, compliance, authorization and assessment. No technical skills needed

Is there a payment plan option? Yes.

Is the class online? Yes. It is not a live class but there is a discussion group

How does this course compare to other IT classes\courses? Other IT classes such as UNIX, Linux, Oracle DBA, Cloud computing, System admin, etc. Are very technical in nature. It will take one, a long time to truly master it and become proficient enough to sit through a job interview. This course is on the policy side of cybersecurity, where soft skills are used and is in high demand

Are there discounts or referral fees? See our affiliate program

How soon can we get jobs after the class? It all depends on how much you put in and how well you study the materials provided to you. This course is packed with all you need to be successful

Course Curriculum

Module 4: Risk Management Framework (RMF)
RMF Rev2 Part1
Prepare (New Phase)
RMF Analogy (Building a House)
Prepare Analogy
Categorize Analogy
Select Analogy
Implement Analogy
Assess Analogy
Authorize Analogy
Monitor Analogy
RMF House Analogy House Summary
Driver's License Analogy
Main Roles and their Objectives
RMF Phases and Roles in Real World
Prepare Phase
Categorize Phase
How to categorize an information system
Case Study Kickoff Meeting
Kickoff Walkthrough
Class Project Categorize LCM
Class Project Categorize LCM Walkthrough
Entering System Categorization in SSP
SAP (Security Assessment Plan)
Selecting Controls Class Project LCM
Selecting Common Controls
Selecting Common controls continued (Hybrid Controls)
Implementing Security Controls
Upload Artifacts and Contact Assessor
Assess Security Controls
Evidence Review Tips
Reviewing Security Controls Artifacts
2 Main Roles and thier Objectives.
System Information XYZ system
ISSO and SCA Duties in a Nutshell
A to Z break down Prepare to Implementation
A to Z break down Assessment to Monitor
Quiz (Categorize Information System)
Select Phase Tasks
Selecting security Controls: What is a Security Control?
Select Phase Types of Controls Management Technical and Operational
Select Phase Common control System Specific Control and Hybrid Control
Select Phase: NIST 800-53 and FIPS 200
Select Phase NIST Website and SSP Templates
Select Phase: NIST Control Families
Select Phase: Low, Moderate, High and Enhancements
Select Phase Tailoring
Baseline and Benchmark
Implement 1
Implement Documenting Implementation Statements
Assess Tasks
Assess SAP 2
Assess Evidence Review Tips
Conducting the assessment
Assessment Using the SAP worksheet
Assess Phase: Entering Assessment Observations
Assess SAP 1
Assess Phase: SAR
Assess Phase: Documenting the Findings in the SAR
Assess Phase: Remediation Actions
Assess Phase: POA&M Report
Assess Phase: Documenting Plan of Action and Milestones POA&Ms
Authorize Phase
Monitor Phase
Monitor Phase Part 2
NIST 800-37 Rev 2 (Free)
Mastering Security Controls Quiz
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Module 8: 7 Step Playbook to Get Hired
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Module 9: Resources: Templates, Forms, Guides, Cheat Sheets
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Module 11: CAP Certification Exam Prep
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Reviews (3)

Worth it

by Mark Cortez
I love the instructors teaching style. He really takes time to break down the topics and gives good analogies.

Awesome Course!

by Danielle August
I've used this to do my job. Totally worth it!

ISSO Training Module

by Raphael Osamor
Very Good!!!

Worth it

by Mark Cortez
I love the instructors teaching style. He really takes time to break down the topics and gives good analogies.

Awesome Course!

by Danielle August
I've used this to do my job. Totally worth it!

ISSO Training Module

by Raphael Osamor
Very Good!!!